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In Between Knowing Who You Are & Forgetting

Hello ladies!

This week’s topic is something very important and near to my heart because I believe so much in self-care and staying in touch with your core. So, as you continue to read, I hope you hear my words with an open heart and really take the time to reflect and think about how it may apply to you. As always, I’d love to see your comments on how the post impacted you. So! Let’s jump right in!

Have you ever seen or heard something that just really stuck with you forever? It could be the weirdest thing, most random thing, or something incredibly profound. I can think of numerous scenarios in which something has just stuck with me, and one of them is this simple yet thought provoking question. That question was from some Pinterest post I saw years ago, probably after a night of staying up way too late lol, and it asked, “who were you before the world told you who to be?” That shook me to my core and if I’m being honest, I don’t really think any of us fully know. The world begins shaping us at such a young age and molds you into who you “should” be. I can remember being a little girl that didn’t care what I wore and thought I was beautiful and then I can remember the day I found out that someone else didn’t think I was and all of a sudden, I questioned my self-worth. I remember not being scared to make friends and then suddenly, I was introduced to rejection and the realization that some friends aren’t lifelong. I remember those guys I thought my forever was with and then I remember all the times I got proven wrong haha. I remember so many things about my life and it’s crazy that I can also remember when some of them ended.

As women we’re bombarded who we are supposed to be, what we’re supposed to look like, how we’re supposed to act, and so many roles to fill. AND! Those roles usually come with a clock! We’re supposed to grow up, meet the person of our dreams, get married, and pop out some beautiful babies. Don’t get me wrong, I love love. I love dating, marriage, growing old with whoever you choose, and the whole nine- I really do. But when do we really get told to focus on ourselves instead of finding “the one”? There’s such a huge focus on being the right person for someone else that we forget to be the right person for ourselves. I want to take that a step further. It is fantastic to be a phenomenal friend, mother, wife, sister, daughter, employee, etc. It is fantastic to be all of those things, but at the end of the day who are you? Just you. You’re an individual full of beautiful complexities and unique characteristics, so what are you doing for yourself? What do you have in your life that is just for you?

Maybe it’s an online community like this one, (I hope you love it here!). I love content that’s specific to a certain group like moms or college students or certain careers but it’s very important to remember that before all of that, you are your own person. Again, don’t get me wrong, I love content that shows us we’re apart of a greater community and reminds you you’re not alone and what you’re experiencing is relatable. But, this post is about that little area in the middle where you need to be reminded, you’re also [your name here]. It is so easy to get wrapped up in who we are to other people that we forget who we are to ourselves.

So, ladies! I want to challenge you to Spend. Time. With. You. For an hour, for a day, for a weekend, I don’t care. Just spend time with yourself. Remind yourself that you’re a badass and you deserve to be a little you-time. Take yourself on a date-party of one, watch a movie, have a self-care night- maybe a long relaxing shower/bath, go to the spa, reminisce, journal, find a hobby you love, or my personal favorite, read a self-discovery book with prompts that really get you thinking.

I wish you all the absolute best and let me know in the comments if you liked this post!

Sending lots of love.


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